Comprehensive Profiles
Comprehensive profiles provide detailed information on occupation and career history, business and social affiliations, educational background and family connections, philanthropic activities and gifts made to other organizations, along with a detailed financial analysis and capacity rating when asset information is available.
Financial Snapshots
These abbreviated profiles focus specifically on the assets and philanthropic activities sections of the comprehensive profile, and include analysis of real estate, stockholdings and options, salary, and the prospect's record of past philanthropic gifts.  Research will also investigate possible inheritance and other forms of wealth when indicated.
Qualification Screenings
Qualification screenings are appropriate when you know very little about a prospect, but want to determine if further research or cultivation is warranted.  We will check these names against three or four relevant sources and include a brief, paragraph-length snapshot of the results. A great choice for verifying screening results!
Corporation/Foundation Profiles
Corporate and foundation profiles provide detailed information on the history, current activities, personnel and board members, financial status, and giving programs of public and private corporations and foundations.
Funding Searches
We can provide customized searches to locate potential corporate and foundation prospects for specific program funding using the Foundation Center directories, the Chronicle of Philanthropy, the Internet, and other relevant grant sources.ProspectingDo you need to create a mailing list or invitation list from scratch?  Looking for board members for your new nonprofit?  Do you need to expand your current membership base within the community?  We can help you uncover a new list of prospects that share your interests and dedication.
Questions Answered
If your research needs do not fit into any of the above categories, we can customize our research to give you exactly what you want.  We can answer any questions you may have about a prospect, whether it be the sale price of a business, profit from recent stock transactions, the presence of a family foundation, or even the confirmation of an individual's identity.
Samples of our work are available in each category - just send us an
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